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Vibrant health from the inside out.

Get personalized support for your wellness journey.

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discover what's possible.

Here's the deal, life is too short to live in a constant state of overwhelm, stress, fatigue and discomfort.

Imagine how you can feel and how your days will change when you have a plan that's built for you. Dr. Kierstin focuses on long-term and sustainable lifestyle and mindset changes because she knows quick fixes aren't what will get you to that vibrant, more balanced state of being.

By helping you better understand yourself, helping you shift your mindset, and helping you create more sustainable health habits that suit your needs, you'll gain a greater sense of self-awareness, acceptance, and empowerment while feeling better in your body and mind.

How it works


15 minute Free Introductory Chat

- Meet Dr. Kierstin to discuss her process and approach


Initial Wellness Consult

- Book your 1.25 hour Initial Consult to review your intake forms and begin to connect the dots to your health journey.


Wellness Plan Review

- After we've gathered enough information to get started, book your Wellness Plan Review where we will go over your individualized plan and initial worksheets.


Check Ins & Coaching Sessions

- Based on your Wellness Plan, book your coaching sessions to dive deeper, maintain momentum, and stay on track. 

I'm Dr. Kierstin. My mission is to help people better understand themselves and their current state of health so that we can then make the shifts that are right for you to feel better in mind and body. This is done with a Whole Self approach looking at the mind, body, and our environment.  

Kierstin DeWitt ND, LAc

Kierstin's goal as a Naturopathic Doctor, Acupuncturist, and virtual wellness coach is to help you recognize what you can do each day to improve your life and lifestyle in actionable and accessible ways. 

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Holistic Support for your Vibrant Health.

Behavior & Habits

Our patterns, behaviors and habits can impact our health. Let's see what's working and what we can shift to get you closer to your goals.

Beliefs and Values

I understand that without these guiding values, it's really challenging to make change and to stick with change. We also want to make sure the changes we make align with your beliefs and values. Let's get clear on what those are together.


Lifestyle can include your sleep, movement, diet, environment and more that can impact your health. Overtime we'll make gradual changes that are sustainable and work for you.

Relationships & Connection

Our relationships to others have been shown to be a big determinant in longevity and happiness. I want that for you. This is part of the interactive self where we'll see how we can strengthen those relationships and connections.


The food we eat can either help us or hinder us. It helps to supply our body with the building blocks necessary to support our organs and systems. Let's make sure you're nourishing yourself in a sustainable way that's personalized for you.

Botanical Medicine & Nutraceuticals

Sometimes we need a little extra help and support. As a trained Naturopathic Doctor, I have extensive training in botanical medicine and nutraceuticals. We'll use these as needed, I don't believe in over- using supplements but the right ones specifically for you can be a game changer.

Book a Free Introductory Chat

Start on the path to re-discovering you by scheduling a free 15 minute discovery video chat. 

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