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the Health Intentionally Day Planner is downloadable, printable and more importantly- FREE!⁠

I created this tool to help you stay on track and get back into the driver's seat of your health journey. ⁠

When I was creating this day planner I wanted to make sure that it included a few important things;⁠

-Some reminders of the key pillars of health; movement, connection, water, nourishing food, sunlight, and sleep.⁠

-Top 3 area to help you get what's most important done first (you know, the ones that actually put you closer towards your goals) before getting distracted by your phone, by errands, by email, by small tasks that seem urgent (but can really wait). Use the wishlist for things that aren't as important but you would likkeee to get done if time and energy allows. Didn't get to it all? Review that list for the next day and see if any of those have now made the Top 3 for tomorrow, add them on!⁠

-A place to set the tone for the day, aka your daily intention. This space allows you to visualize how you want the day to go and how you want the day to feel. Will it flow with ease? Will you nail that interview? Will you make others feel heard today? Write it down and truly embrace it!⁠

-Gratitude. We've all heard about it by now because it is SO important. It's one of my favorite ways to regain perspective, prevent myself from getting into a negative mindset and quickly remind myself of how truly grateful I am for each and every day. What an amazing opportunity we are given, life!⁠

-Affirmation space to help us rewrite our story and our beliefs; ex. Going from, “I can't do this,” to, “I am more than enough, I am intelligent and allow things to flow freely as they may.”⁠

-Room for your schedule because if it's not scheduled, it is less likely to get done! Facts.⁠

-Space for reflection and tracking symptoms, cycles, or whatever data is needed to be tracked to ensure you are on the right path.⁠

So there you have it! ⁠

Download yours today by signing up below!

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