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Reconnecting you, back to you.

You are not your diagnosis, nor your past, nor your thoughts.

You are not your skin, your gut, your brain, your heart, you are whole being and greatly interconnected. 

Let's create a plan that acknowledges the whole self and that helps to reconnect the whole.


reconnected self

Program (Beta)

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4 months to a more Reconnected You

Who is this for?

Anyone looking to begin to better understand themselves, their symptoms, their body, their mind, and the way they show up in the world. This program is meant to help you become more in-tune with your self while providing you the tools for greater self awareness, self empowerment, and resilience moving you closer to the healthiest version of you, naturally.

For example if you experience any of the below, this program may benefit you;



- Dysmenorrhea 

- Indigestion






- Poor Sleep

- Fatigue

- Mood swings

- Panic attacks

- Sugar dysregulation

- Chronic inflammation

-Weight gain

This 4 month program includes;

  • 90 minute Initial Comprehensive Intake 

    • We will review your health history and begin to connect the dots of your health journey so far and your overall wellness goals.​

  • 1 Wellness Plan Consult: 30 minutes

    • Review of our 4 month wellness plan, this will be updated as we go​

  • 3 Inner Self Consults: 60 minutes each

    • Where we discuss the mind, mindset, nervous system regulation techniques, your health story, your values, and your inner self goal to lay the foundations​

  • 2 In-Bodied Self Consults: 45 minutes each

    • We will go over lifestyle changes such as sleep, nutrition, hydration, movement, and more.​

  • 1 Interactive Consult: 45 minutes 

    • We will discuss how you want to show up in the world, how the world around you impacts you; your home, community, relationships, career, etc.​

  • Individualized handouts and worksheets

  • Individualized nutraceutical and botanical recommendations

  • Access to professional grade dispensary

  • Self-awareness, empowerment and resilience tools

  • Stress reduction and mindfulness techniques

the  process 

Interactive  self 1


In-bodied  self 1

Inner self 1

Months 1 &2

Focused on;

Inner Self

-Mental and Emotional Health

- Mindset shifts

-Brain Health

-Nervous System Regulation

-Past Health History Understanding

-Gaining Self Awareness

Month 3

Focused on;

In-bodied Self

-Gut health

- Heart health

-Immune health

-Hormone health

-Gaining Self Empowerment 

Month 4

Focused on;

Interactive Self

-Environmental health

-Community and connection

-Relationship health


-Gaining Resilience

Start with a free call to see if this program is right for you, then sign up for the program below.

Ready to dive in?