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You deserve to be heard.

You deserve an approach to care that isn't simply one-sized fits all. 

And you certainly deserve to feel better, to feel whole, and to feel understood.

That's where I come in.

Whether you are experiencing anxiety, overwhelm, insomnia, PMS, PMDD, weight gain, depression, chronic inflammation, chronic stress, fatigue, sugar dysregulation, or autoimmunity, we will be taking a Whole Self approach to your health and wellness goals. 

Why? Because it is all connected. The mind, the body, and the world around us all impacts our health and wellness. This is why I developed my 3 part process to reconnecting the whole you for longer lasting and sustainable change for a healthier, more vibrant and vital you. 

My  process moves through  three main areas of the self.


Interactive self

In-bodied self 

Inner self 

Inner Self

This is the mental/emotional component of the self including our values, our behaviors, patterns, character strengths, trauma, personality traits, thoughts, beliefs, etc.

In-bodied Self

This is the physical body which is impacted by our inner self and the interactive self as well as sleep, movement, hydration, nutrition, sunlight, breath, etc.

Interactive Self

This is the self that relates to how we interact with the world around us and how it impacts us. It includes; community, romantic partners, relationship with time, money, career, play, our environment, etc.

Putting the pieces back together, naturally using;

Behavior & Habits

Our patterns, behaviors and habits can impact our health. Let's see what's working and what we can shift to get you closer to your goals.

Beliefs and Values

I understand that without these guiding values, it's really challenging to make change and to stick with change. We also want to make sure the changes we make align with your beliefs and values. Let's get clear on what those are together.


Lifestyle can include your sleep, movement, diet, environment and more that can impact your health. Overtime we'll make gradual changes that are sustainable and work for you.

Relationships & Connection

Our relationships to others have been shown to be a big determinant in longevity and happiness. I want that for you. This is part of the interactive self where we'll see how we can strengthen those relationships and connections.


The food we eat can either help us or hinder us. It helps to supply our body with the building blocks necessary to support our organs and systems. Let's make sure you're nourishing yourself in a sustainable way that's personalized for you.

Botanical Medicine & Nutraceuticals

Sometimes we need a little extra help and support. As a trained Naturopathic Doctor, I have extensive training in botanical medicine and nutraceuticals. We'll use these as needed, I don't believe in over- using supplements but the right ones specifically for you can be a game changer.

By bringing awareness to each of these areas of the self, understanding those parts of ourselves, we can then begin to understand what changes we can make to create the biggest shifts towards greater health and resilience. That is my goal with each of my clients, to reconnect these 3 key areas of the self in order to move towards greater health whether we are working on improving digestion, hormonal health, mental health, autoimmunity, thyroid conditions, weight loss, or otherwise.

I aim for long-term changes, prevention of progression, and prevention of recurrence of dis-ease by building these foundations of health and of the self.

I have found that by starting with the inner self and moving our way out to the interactive self, we can see profound whole-self changes that last. This process also provides you with the tools you need to continue on your path of growing and adapting.

You in?

Let's chat, learn more about how we can work together by booking a free chat below.

"At the beginning of 2020 I was determined to begin living a healthier lifestyle; mentally, emotionally, and physically. Due to my autoimmune disease and multiple food and environmental allergies, I decided to seek care from a Naturopathic doctor who I believed would take a holistic approach to my care. That is where Dr. Kierstin DeWitt comes in. While I came to her with a specific request to help me hone in on my diet and determine what was causing me to feel lethargic, bloated, and overall unhealthy, she took it a step further and assisted me in areas I did not even know were problematic. She is kind, a great listener, nonjudgmental, a problem solver, and extremely passionate about giving you the tools you need to be successful in multiple facets of life. You can tell her heart is in her work, and she will spend as much time as it takes to make sure you are getting the care you need. The greatest decision I made in 2020 was investing in myself, and thanks to the expertise of Dr. DeWitt, I am truly feeling the best I have felt in years." 


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