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Dr. Kierstin DeWitt


Where it started

Dr. Kierstin's interest in Health and Nutrition started pretty early on. It was really a combination of both her own personal experience with weight gain, menstrual pain, and severe acne as a teenager in addition to her family history  that really sent her on a journey of understanding the human body and behavior. 

Her undergraduate training in Dietetics, however, left her with a lot of questions and lead her to seeking further education. That's when she came across Naturopathic Medicine, a system of medicine that focuses on treating the Root-Cause of disease and integrates Modern Medicine with nutrition, lifestyle medicine, botanical medicine, and more. She knew right away that this was what she was meant to pursue.

During her time at Naturopathic Medical school, she was fortunate to participate in Medical Brigades with fellow students from all over North America, and this is where she fell in love with Acupuncture and saw first-hand the relief that it offered patients. Dr. Kierstin added on the Acupuncture Master's degree as soon as she returned from the trip!

Through all of Dr. Kierstin's training and studies, she's been able to develop her own systems and approach to working with her clients that incorporates the mind, body, and our environment. 

Whole Self Health Approach

By bringing awareness to each of these areas of the self and understanding those aspects of ourselves, we can then begin to understand what changes we can make to create the biggest shifts towards greater health and resilience. That is my goal with each of my clients, to reconnect these 3 key areas of the self in order to move towards greater health whether we are working on improving digestion, hormonal health, mental health, autoimmunity, thyroid conditions, weight loss, or otherwise.

I aim

I have found that by starting with the inner self and moving our way out to the interactive self, we can see profound whole-self changes that last. This process also provides you with the tools you need to continue on your path of growing and adapting.

I'll be honest with you though, the work we'll do together will take effort, it will take time, and it will take radical self-responsibility. But don't worry, I'll be there to guide you along the way. So if you're ready to join me on this journey, then let's get started, shall we?


Interactive self

In-bodied self 

Inner self 

Inner Self

This is the mental/emotional component of the self including our values, our behaviors, patterns, character strengths, trauma, personality traits, thoughts, beliefs, etc.

In-bodied Self

This is the physical aspect that includes things such a; sleep, movement, hydration, nutrition, sunlight, breath, etc.

Interactive Self

This is the self that relates to how we interact with the world around us and how it impacts us. It includes; community, romantic partners, relationship with time, money, career, play, our environment, etc.

Dr. Kierstin DeWitt, ND, LAc


   Dr. DeWitt was born and raised in Port Huron, Mi. She graduated from Central Michigan University with a B.S. in Dietetics and a minor in Entrepreneurship in 2013. She went on to Naturopathic Medical school at National University of Health Sciences (NUHS) in 2014. During her time in school, she participated on a medical brigade in Nicaragua as apart of Natural Doctors International (NDI), where she was introduced to the treatment capacity of Acupuncture, after which she decided to dual-degree and begin the Master of Acupuncture program at NUHS. In addition to NDI medical brigades, she spent two weeks with NUHS’ first study abroad program in Zauzhaung, China where she was able to shadow specialty doctors and practice Traditional Chinese Medical techniques at an integrative hospital for Chinese and Western Medicine.

After completing her year-long clinical internships at the NUHS Whole Health Center as well as rotations with the Salvation Army of Chicago, she graduated from both degrees in 2018.  

Dr. DeWitt currently holds her Acupuncture License from Michigan and is an NCCAOM diplomate. She is currently a licensed Naturopathic Physician in the State of Vermont.


Please note that Michigan does not yet license Naturopathic Doctors, and any work that

Dr. DeWitt does virtually with clients is as a health consultant and does not fall under the category of medical care. The focus with clients is on education and empowerment in health and wellbeing rather than diagnosing and treating.

Education and Training


Licensed Naturopathic Physician (VT)

Licensed Acupuncturist  (MI)

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine  

Master of Science in Acupuncture
National University of Health Sciences 

Bachelor of Science in Dietetics  
Central Michigan University

Current Memberships

American Association of Naturopathic Physicians

Michigan Association of Naturopathic Physicians

Psychiatric Association of Naturopathic Physicians

Michigan Society of Acupuncture

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