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Let's Dive In
Book your sessions below.

Step 1: Introductory Call

Start by booking your Free Introductory Call to see how we can work together, get your questions answered and learn about the process.

Step 2: Initial Consult

Once you're ready to get started, book your initial intake. After you're scheduled you'll receive your intake forms to be filled out before your session so that we can dive in. The information gathered here will help us create your Wellness Plan.

Step 3: Wellness Plan Review + Coaching

After Dr. Kierstin has reviewed your intake she'll put together an individualized Wellness Plan that's sustainable and effective for you. You'll review this and any initial worksheets she may have given you in your first coaching session.

Step 4: Coaching Sessions & Check ins

Schedule your coaching sessions and check-ins based on your Wellness Plan, Dr. Kierstin will let you know what next steps to take after each call. 

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