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5 Minutes Is All It Takes

POV: It's New Year's and you just created your elaborate goals and New Year's Resolutions! You're feeling excited, nervous, and a little overwhelmed looking over your lists yet ready to roll. Day 1 comes around and you got through almost everything! A week goes by and you look back over your list realizing that you didn't quite do everything you wanted, and start to feel a bit of disappointment but you're still ready to keep at it. Another week goes by, and a little less accomplished. And the trend continues. Feeling overwhelmed and disappointed you let things fall by the wayside. Maybe next week..or next month...or maybe next year?

Does any of this sound familiar? I know I have been there. I'm the type of person who wants to do all the things at all times! And because of this, I've gotten myself into those places of not being able to get it all done and by the end of the day not making much progress towards anything. So what did I start doing instead to start seeing actual results?

  1. I got really clear on what my top priorities were.

  2. I found one simple shift that would make a big impact in one of those areas.

  3. I kept that simple action step short and do-able on any given day.

  4. I let go of the "all or nothing" thinking and perfectionism.

  5. I did the thing! As often and consistently as possible.

Here's an example;

  1. Top priorities; family, health, connection, creativity, learning

  2. Learning/connection; downloaded Duolingo to practice Spanish.

  3. I'll complete one lesson on the app daily, preferably in the morning while making breakfast.

  4. If I miss a day, I can do two the next but won't discontinue just because I missed a day.

  5. And then I just started! It takes me just a few minutes a day and because of this I haven't missed a day yet (but will be okay if I do)

Now you try! What's one simple thing or shift that you can make that will help make a big impact on your life? Maybe it's 5 minutes of stretching, of connecting with a friend, of reading, meditating, moving your body, brain-dumping/journaling, writing a gratitude list. Pick one and just get started. Try to establish a good time of day to do this or something that will help you remember to do it (before leaving work, after brushing your teeth, while enjoying your coffee or tea, etc).

To your best life,

Dr. Kierstin

Naturopathic Doctor and Acupuncturist

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