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The 3 Aspects of Self

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

In order to better grasp the very intricate ways in which the Whole Self is all connected, I view the Whole Self as these 3 aspects moving from the inside- out; the Inner Self, the In-bodied Self, and the Interactive Self.

This helps me to conceptualize the different layers of healing as well as of self growth and development.

Let’s take a look at what each aspect encompasses.

Inner Self

This is the mental/emotional component of the self including our values, our behaviors, patterns, character strengths, trauma, personality traits, thoughts, beliefs, etc.

In-bodied Self

This is the physical body and is related to our lifestyle and habits such as our sleep, movement and mobility, hydration, nutrition, sunlight, breath, etc.

Interactive Self

This is the self that relates to how we show up and experience the world around us. This is involves our community, romantic partners, family, friends, co-workers, relationship with time, money, career, play, our environment, etc.

Each aspect impacts one another and is greatly intertwined. For example, when we are in physical pain (in-bodied self), it may impact our mental wellbeing (inner self) and even our relationships and career (interactive self) if it impacts what we are used to being able to do. Another example is if our mind is full of negative thoughts (inner self), it can impact how we view the world around us, as if it's out to get us or that everyone is bad (interactive self) so we have a hard time forming relationships or enjoying all the world has to offer and can keep us from getting good sleep which will impact our physical wellbeing (in-bodied self).

Having these 3 aspects lets us see how one thing may be impacting another and help us get to the root of our ailments or to see how we may shift things to improve our overall well being.

This is the framework that I use when I work with my clients, allowing me to learn more about who they are as a whole as well as to see what we can shift to live more aligned and well.

Have questions?

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In Health,

Dr Kierstin

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